THUMB! mail art (May)

For the latest submissions, browse THUMB! mail art (June) once you’ve perused the THUMB! gallery below.




















Bring it on, people! We can’t wait to see what May will bring to Joan’s post box.


2 thoughts on “THUMB! mail art (May)

  1. Moi aussi, Laurence.
    I really like this thumb — such drama in it, such food for story: Like it’s pouring over a map on a table. Preparing to mount a search for someone who has been gone way too long. Especially in such weather. With the baby due any day now. And Pa’s already short of hands to bring in this year’s harvest. The one that’ll make or break the farm. The sweaty, red-faced city-slick developers already sniffing ’round like scarlet-hooded vultures scenting fresh carrion …

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