The other perp’s perspective

Remember that time? That time when you and your brother and his friend and the exchange student living at the friend’s house all commando-ed into the schmancy botanical gardens near your house and rang the Japanese temple gong and then ran like hell so the on-duties wouldn’t blast their infamous salt pellets into your retreating nether parts? You can still tell the story all these years later. Detail for detail. But guess what? So can all the other perps, and even though they were all in the same place at the same time, their stories of the incident would all differ from yours. Imagine that. Think about an incident from your life–something especially monumental, unexpected, or traumatic that altered the way you see the world. Write a story or essay about it, but from someone else’s perspective. You can appear as a character in the piece, but explore it from outside of yourself.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens.


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