Letters to family

Many of us have just returned from the Thanksgiving weekend. Perhaps, like my husband and me, you attended someone else’s family get-together, contributing Brussels sprouts cooked with bacon and beer. Maybe pie. Good on you if it was pie. Can you ever have too much? I think not. In any case, today’s prompt was inspired by this holiday dedicated to the expression of gratitude.  

Make a list of the names of the people seated around you at Thanksgiving. Use all of them to create a poem or a lyric essay. Try writing a tiny letter to each name, using free association to link each name with another word (Pauline: Your name begins with P, as does Pie, but pie ends the meal, along with eggnog. 80-proof. Speaking of 80, Aunt Ginny, what was that goo on the sleeve of your sweater?) or describing each name briefly as if it were a character or object. The tiny letters may be expressions of gratitude, or they may be expressions of something else entirely. Your call. Now please pass the last piece of pie. Nope, no whipped cream, thanks. I like mine plain, speaking for itself. 

Thanksgiving at the Trolls


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