I keep a little square of newspaper in a cupboard in my office. Practically the only thing in that cupboard, the wee scrap lives alone. It reads:

Lonely Country Boy. 5’10”.

160 lb. Age 72. Would like to

meet 60-70 year old medium

to slender lady, tall to under

tall. Please be honest &


The ad concludes with a phone number.

Now, each time I open the cupboard, I read about the country boy and wonder. Did he find his medium to slender? Did honest & sincere make the call? Maybe she feeds his hungry as she feeds his lonely and he has gained a pound or two. What would his classified read now?

Your turn. Write a poem or short piece in the style and voice of a personals or classifieds ad. Read C. D. Wright’s “Personals” for inspiration.

"FOR SALE" - a classified ad in a ne...


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