About me: Who the thumb am I?

My name is Ann Beman, and I don’t just write about this stuff. I live it. I’m a whitewater kayaking, outdoor-adventuring, world-traveling, MFA-achieving writer/editor in a weird, little mountain town with no shortage of strange characters and fascinating landscapes. With 20 years writing and editing experience and a bag half-full of funny, I make people comfortable with their own stories, and with sharing those stories.

Thumb on through with me. Bring sunscreen.

Also visit me at annbeman.com


6 thoughts on “About me: Who the thumb am I?

  1. The thumbingthrough avatar — a classic hitchhiker’s thumb — belongs not to me, but to Avi Vaday, the tech who installed my computer. Thanks, Avi.

  2. Nice one! , we´ve thought of you often this year as we´ve seen “(your name)´s Birthday Hole” and Fuzzy Bunny very much this year.

    When it comes to your name on this website, why is mum the word?

    Como estas?

  3. Ann, thank you for stimulating my creativity while experiencing yours! Joan, a special thank you for the Green Thumb suggestion. I’ve had fun learning about the Green Thumb Festival, Green Thumb nurseries and the Green Thumb gardens.

  4. Hi Ann, It was great meeting you in Philadelphia at the TCI convention. I enjoyed your adventure through “putti”land so to speak. Learned more than I dreamed possible. Good luck with your thesis.

  5. Hi Ann,
    I really love the background photo and the avatar. The humour and sense of adventure is very apparent in your About Me and makes me want to follow your blog…to learn more. Thank you for sharing your blogging expertise! Kathleen #blogging101

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