The loyalty of shadows

She’s getting ready to jump. But first, as she stands in her white shirt, black shoes, plaid uniform, she considers her shadow — another uniform of sorts, and one even more dependable. Will her shadow jump with her? Will she lose her shadow when her feet leave the ground? She’s about to test its loyalty. Before she jumps, though, she might think about what’s in front of her, what’s behind. Next to her is La Puerta del Perdon, the Door of Forgiveness, where pilgrims walking the 500-mile-long #CaminoDeSantiago through Northern Spain entered the Basilica de San Isidoro. En route to Santiago, they stopped in #León to venerate the relics of Saint Isidore, scholar and author of the world’s first encyclopedia (and patron saint of the Internet, per Pope John Paul II). Below la Puerta del Perdon’s door lintel, two grotesques — a dog’s head and a lion’s head — guard the entry. I swear one is smiling. It reminds me of my #ninjadog, who passed a few months back. I never questioned her loyalty. I could jump and Ninny would be, right, there. . . #cnfgram #tinytruth #latergram #jj_doorsandwindows

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