Re the thumb

Pretty much every reason I can think to resuscitate this blog begins with the prefix re.

prefix: re-; prefix: red-
  1. once more; afresh; anew.

There’s resuscitate, reinvigorate, reinvent re (as in, about, concerning, regarding), re (as in, do ray me, because sometimes I just go off and lalala, riff with words)

I have written a book-length compilation of essays about aspects of the human thumb for my MFA in creative nonfiction. They are exercises in immersion writing, in which I immersed myself in thumb-related communities — hitchhikers, thimble collectors, players of certain African musical instruments, greenhouse gardeners, baseball players. These exercises did not need to end with the completion of my MFA. And yet they did. I want back in, Coach. I want to immerse myself in communities with stories to tell. I want to get my thumbs in there and then type with them like crazy.



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