How to ski to church

You saw it here first. Now, the extended dance version:

2012-12-30 13.22.05

Thumbing Through

1. Sign up for a weeklong cross-country ski adventure across the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec with minimal training and partial French. Do this with complete strangers, no friends or family along to comfort you in your cluelessness.

2. Once you realize your head is not going to explode from the rapid-fire Quebecois you are attempting to translate in the partial French you do understand, enjoy the nine-hour bus ride from Quebec City to the Parc national de la Gaspésie.  The snow-white countryside is beautiful.

3. Find a ski buddy among the mostly 50- and 60-year-olds, the great majority of whom will kick your 40-year-old marathon-trained ass on skis. Get over it, rapidement.

4. When you alone are responsible for forming a clog at a narrow descent from a country road to the Baie de Chaleur, the ice-covered bay over which you will ski, tuck and roll, baby. Tuck and roll.

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