Time warps and not thinking about giraffes

Time doesn’t just fly when you’re busy. It warps. A Psychology Today blogger puts it this way: “Basically, the busier you are during a time interval, the faster that time interval will feel like it passed. That shouldn’t be surprising. We all know that time flies when you’re having fun. When you are cognitively busy, you are focused on each task you are performing, and so you don’t have the opportunity to notice the passage of time. As a result, the interval feels like it passes quickly. When you are bored, there is not much to occupy your time, and you are much more likely to think about the passage of time. So time feels like it passes slowly when not much is happening.”

Another way to warp time? Don’t think about giraffes. Don’t think about what color they are, how they smell at the zoo, how tall they are, or the sound they make when they’re grazing on nearby trees. Don’t think about where they are from, don’t think about anyone you know who likes giraffes so much that they collect them in an ever-shrinking corner of their home, and please do not think of them wearing striped cravats and monocles. Difficult, isn’t it? Pretty much the only way you’re going to prevent yourself from thinking about giraffes right now is by distracting yourself with something else. Occupy your mind with something else. Same thing with time, right? Keeping yourself occupied diverts you from thinking about the passage of time.

What is time but a fancy giraffe snacking on overhead foliage?

How do you warp time? What are your giraffes? A male giraffe is courting a female giraffe in...


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