Postcard from maybe one sixth of the way down this mountain

English: Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Revelstok...
English: Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Revelstoke, British Columbia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear you,

Wish you were here. On this snow-coated slope. In British Columbia. Canada. First province on the left. Or, if you’ve got your back to the map, BC is the first Canadian province on the right. The Canadian Rockies straddle BC and Alberta. Where my husband proposed to me 14 years ago. On a ski lift. The proposal was totally out of left field. I’m surprised I didn’t fall off the lift. We didn’t have the retaining bar down. Because we both think retaining bars on ski lifts are lame. We are a fine match. That’s why I said yes. Because we are a fine match, not because we’re anti-retaining bar. Anyway, this mountain here in Revelstoke, BC, is steep and high. You can ski down for 15 minutes and still be only halfway to the lift. If I put on a suit made of silicone, buttered myself, and asked several of the strapping Australian ski patrollers to jettison me down the mountain, I would still be the last person to the lift. They ski fast here. They know what they’re doing. Also, the food’s good. The view, too. Which is why I wish you were here.

The above is long-winded for a postcard, but I travel often and frequently end up spiraling freeform notes all over the card. What about you? Howsabout composing a postcard poem or note?* Keep the length brief, and give the recipient a sense of the place you’re visiting or the space you’re occupying. The location from which you write can be imagined or real. Alternatively, buy a postcard, and try to write a poem/note based on the postcard image.

*From Poets & Writers “The Time Is Now,” January 26, 2012


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