Would you buy *The Thumb of All Parts*?

Book description in a nutshell: What if one day you looked down at your thumbs and they spoke to you? What would your opposable digits say about you and the world around you? Journalist and adventurer Ann Beman travels to far-and-weird places in search of the answers.

Would you buy this book?


7 thoughts on “Would you buy *The Thumb of All Parts*?

  1. Would I buy this book? ABSOLUTELY! And I would encourage my family and friends to do the same! It’s funny though because I think (after speaking with you last spring) that the lack of any “opposable digits” may say just as much about me and the world around me as actually having them! I’m hoping for great things for you Ann! And wishing you the best!

    Thumb-Free and Lovin’ Life,

    1. Ok…..so I’m a little jealous/envious that others have both read and heard stories from the book! What’s it gonna take to schmooze you into letting me in on the fun? I mean, c’mon I’m dying to see some of your hard work and effort!!!!!!!! 😉

      1. The book is in my agents’ laps now. Let’s hope they sell the thang and get the baby published. You get a free, signed copy, Stubbs.

  2. Having had the opportunity to hear Ann read portions of this book – my answer to the question of whether or not I’d purchase this book is a resounding YES! In a thumb beat…

  3. Ann,

    Thank you for your warm words of encouragement on my blog. What a fun website you have here!

    Thanks for everything,

    Sandy Hughes (http:\\mymotherthinksimagoodwriter.blogspot.com)

  4. Absolutely. I had the pleasure of reading one of the stories in the book, and found it, and the writing, fascinating. If the rest of the manuscript is half as good, you’ll have no problem seeing it published.

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