What does asking yourself a question a day have to do with thumbs?

How often do you appreciate all the things your thumbs can do? How about your elbow, your earlobe, or a can of peaches, for that matter? Appreciating, or simply acknowledging the existence of life’s stuff — its machinations — feeds your curiosity and fuels your sense of wonder. When you delve into the life of the thumb, you can’t help but marvel at all the digit can do, and all the ways thumbs connect us to one another. When you delve into your own beliefs, preferences, and opinions, you have the opportunity to discover qualities and quirks of yourself you never knew existed. I know I do. As Socrates said, “the unexamined life is not worth living,” so I’ve interpreted that to mean the examined thumb, elbow, or [fill in the blank] is worth more than I imagined. We can leave the topic of peach halves in heavy syrup for another day.


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