you say you want a resolution

How often do you hear the words, “I don’t know myself anymore” — in movies, in novels, on paper plates taped to the back of bus stop benches (OK, maybe that was just me)? One of the reasons I decided to write about thumbs was because the danged digits are universal (I know, Stubbs, you’re a remarkable exception 🙂 and there are others like you), yet no one pays all that much attention to thumbs until they tweak them. Seen any other books about thumbs out there? I didn’t think so. On the surface, I started Thumbing Through to better know human thumbs and the species that wields them. Beneath the surface, however, I wanted to get to know my own thumbs better, and by extension, to get to know me better. I’m always amazed at what I didn’t know I had to say until I write it down and read it back. The other day, I wrote: I believe that you should ask yourself a new question every day. Really? Since when have I believed that? Wait a sec. That’s a good idea. For instance, where do I stand with organized religion or which teacher/s have had the most influence on me and what would I say to them in a Hallmark thank-you note if I wrote them today? Of course, answering even a single question could take days, weeks, months, a lifetime, so I also must stipulate: I believe that you should ask yourself a question every day. But you shouldn’t take all day to answer it. Treat it like one of those timed essays in high school English class, except you don’t flunk the essay if you don’t finish. It’s perfectly OK to stop in the middle of your sen


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