Found poetry (found in my own notebook)

Palm Party
M is a passionate innovator who needs to balance her seeking nature.
H is the passionate influencer in the arts, or the individualistic sheriff artist.
F is a big hearted sweetie pie who needs to become the author of her own “book.”
L is “the butterfly” flitting between mom-ness and career.
B is the “passionate wise woman” working on maintaining her boundaries.
P is a passionate creator with the ability to tap into a spiritual place.
S is a romatic idealist struggling to find a balance between service and over-service.
K is an intense master of creative communications.
D is a SUPERlover able to help people express their feelings but needs to watch out for her overabundance of acorns.
C is the wise, passionate artist who needs to let herself serve herself.
J is at peace as the big-hearted firecracker who will benefit from some form of active meditation.
R is also the butterfly, free-spirited and independent, but she’s gotta watch out for her “gotta gotta” marker — gotta do this, gotta do that.
Though I am difficult to read, I am a creative messenger who, like F, needs to be the author of my own book.
And U?

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