Pets and the Planet

Carol Frischmann, a fellow Dukie, a fellow Whidbey Writers Workshop MFA candidate, and author, blogs at Pets and the Planet — A Practical Guide to Sustainable Pet Care. When I asked Carol what revved her blogging engine, she said:

In addition to my secret motivator for blogging (which I cannot reveal) I do love to hear from readers, such as yourself, about related items. Also, people read the blog without replying. So, for the moment, I blog on faith that I’m sending ideas into the world that matter to someone. And I take it as a part of the dailiness of writing. However, I’ve always believed that the time we have is short, and that one day the aggregators will be good enough that we’ll be able to select just the sort of items we want to receive from the blog-o-sphere and have those (and only those) delivered to our desktop each morning.

Hope this answers your question. If not, try this: I learn what I think about things from blogging.

The exhibit's official theme color: kiwi. The exhibit's official mascot: Ninja.
Ninja says, "Thanks, Carol."

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