The typical baseball player

Washington Stars mosaic by Suzann Lankford
Washington Stars mosaic by Suzann Lankford

Traits of the typical ballplayer — male or female, according to Washington Women’s Baseball Association co-founder, president, and player Stephanie Derouin:



You’re a diehard.

There’s nothing you’d rather be doing, whatever the season.

You’re always up for playing catch or finding cages to hit at.

There’s nothing you’d rather talk about.

Baseball permeates life from every direction. It’s part of your aura, almost like you’ve got floating baseballs orbiting around your head.

It’s as if that was what you were made for. That was what you were made to do.

Home is on a baseball field.

And it’s not just playing baseball. There are so many other aspects, such as sharing knowledge and continuing to improve your game.

Baseball never gets stagnant. You can continue to learn — the way you execute something, the way you hit, or in training, the way you eat.

You’re always searching for the next technique that will take you to the next level.

It’s like an existential journey. You are trying to constantly get to that place of enlightenment.

On the flip side, there’s sharing that knowledge, all those tricks you were so lucky to learn, from all those people you were lucky enough to meet along the way. We are blessed by who we know.

It’s like a quest, and the men get to fulfill their quest. Women should get that chance, too.



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