Summoning the Fairy Thumbmother

Someone who identifies herself as the Fairy Thumbmother writes a Sporting News sports blog called “Is my left thumb wrong since my right thumb is right?” On the blog, she specifies her favorite teams: Angels, Saints, Magic, Kings, U of Alabama-Birmingham, Rutgers. She also I.D.s her least favorite teams and includes Duke football among them.  I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with whichever thumb guides her dislike for the Blue Devils. I mean, they’re no threat to anyone. Not like the hoops programs. In any case, I’m more than curious why Fairy Thumbmother calls herself Fairy Thumbmother. Is she saying that her thumbs are divine? Or that her thumb is an instrument of the gods? If that’s the case, the Fairy Thumbmother might pick up an mbira, a thumb-played musical instrument that serves as a telephone to the gods, according to the Shona people of Zimbabwe. If while plinking out a polyphonic tune on the mbira — with the layered notes swirling about her like hummingbirds spiralling ever higher in flight — if then she gets word that the Blue Devils deserve her ire, so be it.


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