Thumb tips

Say you were inclined to read someone’s thumb. Let’s call that someone hot-Dan-the-beverage-rep-always-in-the-beer-aisle-at-Vons-when-you’re-there. ‘Dan’ for short. Even if you neglected to observe the rest of Dan’s hand, scanning his primary digit would render a good idea of Dan’s character, according to the three hand readers–Sandie Hancock, Rozie Roolz, and Kay Packard–to whom I’ve spoken.  “In all the study of the hand, no portion is of more importance than that devoted to the thumb. The consideration of this most wonderful member should be undertaken with a full appreciation of its power,” wrote noted expert William Benham in the classic Benham Book of Palmistry.

Consider Dan’s most wonderful member, this most wonderful member, up here, the one gripping case after case of Bud Light, this that opposes each of Dan’s four fingers, this that defines Dan as human. When considering, you should consider a number of basic thumb characteristics. You should consider length, width, set or angle of opposition to the rest of the hand, and tip shape. These are the rudimentary basics. And from each of these categories flows yet another delta of nuance.

Take, for instance, tip shape. If Dan’s thumb tip were conic in shape, he might be an impressionable sort, an impulsive, idealistic lover of beauty. The degree of his impressionable nature, however, depends on all the other shapes and dimensions his thumb displays.

So, only in a very general sense does a conic tip=impressionable, impulsive, idealistic, graceful, charming, refined.

In an equally general sense, a square tip=practical, common-sense, down-to-earth, capable, with a strong sense of right and wrong.

A spatulate tip=active, independent, inventive, inquisitive, original.

A flat and broad, paddle-shaped tip=methodical, careful, deliberate, strong-willed.

Finally, and most ominously, a club-shaped tip=obstinate, volatile. If Dan has this type of thumb tip, combined with hard hands, short and inflexible thumb and fingers, and palms crisscrossed by red and deeply cut lines, Dan has what’s called a “murderer’s thumb.”   And … suddenly, Dan’s not so hot any more.


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