Revealing the soul’s agenda

“Thumbs are about doing, accomplishment, and rearrangement,” says Kay Packard, an International Institute of Hand Analysis-certified hand analyst who operates her practice, Hand Factor, from the oak-studded foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Three Rivers, Calif.

As a hand analyst, Packard reads and decodes the fingertips “to reveal the soul’s agenda to the owner of the hands.” She also reads the lines in the hand, the shape of the hands, the fingers … and the thumb.

Hand analysis, though similar to palm reading, goes beyond the palm to consider the entire hand: from lines on the palms to color and shape of the hand to sections of the fingers to patterns on the fingertips.

“It all has significance and identifies the unique you.

“Unlike most people’s perception of palmistry, hand analysis is NOT predictive and is not fortune-telling.

“Just like your doctor can read your tongue to help read the symptoms of your health, your hand analyst can decode various information in your hands to reveal characteristics, strengths and weaknesses in your life. Antidotes and suggestions for transforming weaknesses into strengths are explored and defined.”   — from the Hand Factor FAQ.


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