THUMB! mail art contributors as of 2 march

THUMB! mail art contributors Jan- Feb ’08

1. Roland Halbritter, Nudlingen, Germany
2. Dewi, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
3. Daniel de Culla, Burgos, Spain
4. Michel Della Vedova, Limoges, France

5. Paul Tiililä, Gallery  ExG, Pälkäne, Finland
6. wackystuff, BC, Canada
7. Denise Hunley, Dallas, Texas, USA
8. Anne Braunschweig, Corrales, New Mexico, USA
9. Chris Johnson, Herndon, Virginia, USA
10. Eve Laeger, Bodfish, California USA
11. Cait Rimas, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
12. William L. Philyaw, Shawnee, Kansas USA
13. Denis Charmot, Marnaz, France

14. Judith Skolnick, Washington DC,  USA                                                         



so far March-April
15. UFO Museum, Lex Loeb, Portland, Oregon USA
16. Andrea Jay, Staten Island, New York USA
17. Marina Salmaso, Copenhagen, Denmark


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