“a stradivarius to hammer a nail”

… a woman in japan wrote a bestselling novel on her cell. my first thought was, why would anyone do that. but then i realized why. its so people would buy a crappy book just because they couldnt believe someone actually wrote it on an f word ing cellphone. her novel was filled with lols and brbs other abrvs that make it ez 4 u 2 rite qik.

i refuse to do that, because then i would feel like i should be writing things like OMG!! kaitlyn told brandon that ashley likes tyler!!! so, on the few occasions i do text message, the only concession i make is that i dont use capitals or apostrophes or question marks or hyphens because they take an extra keystroke and when one is typing with ones thumbs one wants to conserve keystrokes. it pains me to realize that mankinds signature anatomical adaptation, the one that distinguishes us from the lowly beasts, has been pressed into service for such a moronic chore. its like using a stradivarius to hammer a nail. 

so, texting is stupid. but do you want to know what is stupider. … 

(from All Thumbs column by Gene Weingarten in The Washington Post, Feb. 16, 2008)



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