Suffering the ‘thumb generation’

Sometimes after a lot of keypad typing my left thumb tingles as if it’s receiving some sort of transmission. I expect it to play a Tradio broadcast any minute: “Yeah, this is Jessie in Bodfish. I have a 3-year-old canary named Pitooty, with cage. Free to a good home. And I’m looking to buy a used 4-stroke outboard, 175 horsepower …”

Blackberry thumb, aka Nintendinitis, aka Gameboy thumb, aka Gamer’s thumb,  Wiiitis, Playstation thumb, Texter’s thumb, Skier’s thumb, Gamekeeper’s thumb, Washerwoman’s thumb. Thumbs suffered from repetitive strain injuries long before they met today’s electronic gaming and messaging devices. For at least a century, according to the annals of modern medicine. Washerwomen got it from wringing out clothes day in, day out. Gamekeepers loosened their “ulnar ligaments” over time. They finished off each game animal by grasping the beast’s head between thumb and index finger to break its neck. Skiers still injure their ulnar collateral ligaments by falling with their hands caught in the ski poles. And now, children and adults alike strain their primary digits in a frenzy to stay in connection and out of the ‘thumb generation’ gap.  

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2 thoughts on “Suffering the ‘thumb generation’

  1. Just read today about coupon-clipper’s thumb. No indication of how many coupons the coupon clipper must clip to get this malady.
    There’s a price to pay for thriftiness.

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