Video-game handhelds and joysticks guided thumbs in their quest for technological supremacy over index fingers in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Now, gamers play with the thumbs of two hands; messages and calls are made with one or both. According to a Motorola report  by British author/philosopher Sadie Plant, “Tokyo’s keitai (mobile phone) kids are known as oya yubi sedai, or the thumb generation: ‘ It’s not only on the keitai that they use them,‘ says one man in his early 20s, to whom today’s teenagers are already remote and alien creatures: ‘they even point at things and ring doorbells with their thumbs.’ “


2 thoughts on “Joysticks

  1. Hey Ann,

    Did you see the NYT article over the weekend on Japan as a great market for novels downloaded to handheld devices. Bet those people have thumb-blisters if they read with any speed at all. Check it out.


  2. My friend Roberta sent me a link to the article. My response:

    “Sweet,” said the writer.
    She looked out the window.
    “Hmmm. Cell phone novels. A new career.
    Thoughtful friends rock!”
    The fat pug snorted from the porch,
    as if agreeing.
    He snorted again.
    “What’s that you say, Space Monkey?
    I could work this into my thesis, too?
    Oh ho! Silly pug dog!”

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