Otherwise known as thimble collectors, digitabulists insist their trinket hoards are justified. Thimbles serve a useful purpose, after all. Also, manufacturers of thimbles can be identified and dated. Thimbles have been patented, so there is lots of variety, both in design and manufacture. Thimbles have a long history of production and are cultural objects the world over.  Thimble souvenirs remind us of places we have visited. Some feature exquisite materials and rich decoration. Finally, thimbles were once used as a means of advertising.  They tell a story. And in fleshing out that story,  I probably will not tell the Bay Area Thimble Society that until I learned about Simons Brothers on Ebay, my Great-Aunt Lina’s 10-karat-gold, circa 1900, size 9 Simons Brothers thimble languished in a shampoo spill at the bottom of an old toilet kit. 


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